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Casual, Truly Social
Games that help you

We are a mobile game studio aspiring to create stellar positive social game experiences for players around the world.

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Our Mission

At Stellarplay we believe that games can brighten up your day. We want to create a safe, positive and fun place where you can foster relationships. 

Our Games are

Light & Social

Our games are highly rewarding, easy to pick up and play, and help players form connections with players across the globe.

Positive & Relaxing

Experiences that players can escape to from their stressful days


Worlds filled with lovable characters, and intriguing narratives. 

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We believe in working with the best talent and empowering them to push boundaries.  We believe that it is critical for our culture to bring people together as high performing teams. We believe in the value of obsession with player experience to help shape the incredible experiences we want to create. We are ambitious in the quality of games we want to bring into the world but humble about our journey and developing our skills.

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Do you want to be Stellar?

We are here to do the signature work of our lives.  If you are the kind that's curious and loves the process of creating games with all its splendour and frustrations, we would love to have a conversation. 

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