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Our Partners

List of Partners

StellarPlay works with multiple partners to provide its Services and Games to you. These partners are provided with data as per the Privacy Policy for provision of the Services ensuring that you have the best user experience from playing the Games. StellarPlay has entered into agreements with these partners for availing their services. However, some of these partners can use cookies, web beacons, and other tracking technologies to collect or receive data about you and might claim controller rights over your personal data. We have listed out such partners their privacy practices along with their privacy policies herein below:

1. Partners who provide hosting services for the Games and Services:

a. Nakama –,

b. Amazon S3 -     

2. Partners who provide analytics and allied services:

a. Firebase -

b. Big Query -,

c. AppsFlyer -

d. Singular - 

3. Partners who provide marketing and advertisement services:

a. Facebook -

b. Google -

c. AppStore -

4. Partners who provide services for development and functioning of the Games and Services:

a. Unity:,

b. Firebase -

Opting Out

The partners do not all use the data provided by them for their own purposes and are bound by the agreements they have executed with StellarPlay. You can refer to their privacy policies to better understand how your data, if any, may be used by such partners. The privacy policies would also provide the methods for opting out of the services of such partners. However, opting out of the services provided by some of the partners specified herein above may affect the functionality of the Games and Services, which may result in termination of your access in part or to the whole of the Games and Services.

In case of our advertising partners, you may opt out of targeted advertising by limiting ad tracking in your device settings. Please note that opt-outs are specific to each browser and device and it may take a little bit of time before your opt-out will take effect. For mobile advertising in apps, you can reset your Advertising Identifier and depending on your device, select to opt out of interest-based ads (Android) or turn on the Limit Ad Tracking setting (iOS). For display advertising on the Web, you can also adjust your browser settings to limit certain tracking by means of cookies, and by visiting the following sites: and

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