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Our Stellar Team

Jon Doe

Jane Doe

James Doe

Our core value is centered around People. The best talent, empowered to push boundaries as we come together, will help shape the incredible experiences we want to give our players. We are ambitious in the quality of games we want to bring into the world but humble about our journey and developing our skills.

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Meet The Team


Shivonne Sampson

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Shivonne is a game artist with over 8 years of experience in the game industry working on multiple areas like concept art, illustration, animation, visual design, content writing and comics. She enjoys dipping her toes into new unfamiliar waters, and observing the beauty in everything around her. She also may or may not steal your dog. Or cat. Or both.


Avinash Krishnan

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Avi is a full-stack game developer with 10 years of experience building games. He spent his youth building game-engines from scratch, and would like to do so again when he grows up.  He brings a wealth of game-making experience from companies in India, the Bay area, and beyond. When he is not dabbling in code stuff he is dabbling in other code stuff, or making his own grey boxes (which he calls art)

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Sanjay S

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Sanjay is a full stack developer who's been interested in games since he played RoadRash as a kid. He's worked at startups and has also built games at Zynga. He plays games across platforms and likes to understand how they are made. He loves motorcycles (hopes to own a super bike before his back gives out) and trekking. He's also a self-proclaimed professional meme maker

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Shreyanka has been exploring growth marketing for over 7 years in E-commerce, travel & service industries. Her love for Anthropology and board games got her to foray into the world of games marketing. In her free time  she is on the constant lookout for somebody to test her new jokes on.


Santosh J

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Santosh has been in the technology space for 20 years and was heading Zynga's largest studio outside of HQ. He has run games across many genres like simulation, slots and strategy. He is a Product Manager turned business guy with leadership roles in consumer internet players like Zynga, HolidayIQ and eBay. Stellarplay is his second entrepreneurial venture. He has been widely appreciated for his creativity by 3 people across the world.


Girish Krishnan

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Girish, has been designing games across genres  for the past 8 years and was leading the Game Design team for Farmville 2 : Country Escape when he was at Zynga. He has worked on Indie games, Free to play games, Live Gameshows, Educational games and has even published his own board games. Stellarplay is his second entrepreneurial venture and continues his vision of building world class games out of India. He is a foodie, a dog lover and a very punny guy in general.



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Maitrayadhrit aka Mimo is the resident 3d Artist , with 5 years Of experience Working on mobile games. Resident Artist because you will always find him home, working on his next 3d project, Watching Anime,
Playing indie games, Building Gundams and Plotting world domination with his Cats.



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Moolchand has been building games and highly scalable game platforms for 9 years. He has been part of many legendary titles like YoVille, Mafia Wars, Bubble Safari, FarmVille, CSR2 during his stint at Zynga. With games he has explored multiple facets from creating new games, running live games to building services and platforms across technology stacks. Someday, he also has plans to explore all the continents IRL. 
(And space too).


Moubashshir Jawed

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Moubashsir has been helping businesses make data informed decisions for the past 6 years. He has worked as Data Scientist across industries like Telecom, Energy, Banking and of course gaming. He loves to tell stories through data which might not always have interesting plots. He loves to play football and waste his weekends watching his favorite "red devils" reclaim its "glory".


Ishwari Nainegli

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Ishwari is a UI/UX designer with 4 years of formal  experience. She started out at the tender age of four by scribbling on walls with crayons and has now progressed to scribbling designs for various startups. Currently she wants to explore UI/UX in games, because games!! Architect by qualification, she is part creative, part eccentric and entirely awkward. P.s. she does not own a cat and so nobody can steal it.



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Swapnil has been exploring animation and illustrations space for the last 5 years. He has won the FICCI-BAF for "Little Love Bites. "While growing up he was fascinated with 8-bit games, and his knack for animation landed him into making gaming.. He likes to watch movies in his free time, Yes you guessed it - especially animated ones.
In his life, he wants to write a book full of puns.


Kumar GR

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Suraj has been exploring the software engineering industry for the last 4 years. Previously worked at Zynga and Microsoft helping build backend systems. StellarPlay is his splash at working with an early stage company and he looks forward to the WASD. Web surfing or hanging out with friends are some of his weekend routines. True to his name he plans on increasing the happiness index of India one day.


Nikhil Sood

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Nikhil (aka Pseudo) has a plethora of games in his bag, being in game development for more than 4+ years. He loves to code and enjoys creating frameworks that help in automation, even if that takes more time, like 10x more or even higher.
Having hands-on experience in DJing & being a music junkie, he can’t live without music. He loves to play fast-paced FPS Games like CS & CoD and is also a Mortal Kombat stan.



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Jhignas has been playing games all his life but didn't start making them until destiny got him to Zynga. He is an ace programmer who has been programming since the age of 15. He claims to play 100 different games yearly and many in single sitting. You could say he is a stable guy! Jhignas loves a good story across the spectrum of books, songs, photos, movies and games. He is also occasionally known to have shared his lens on world through his writing.    To popular disbelief he is not from Gujarat.



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Sandeep is a concept artist with over 6years of experience working in industry. He loves working in multiple areas like concepts, game art, UI and backgrounds. He is a big fan of Marvel, DC , Disney, Star Wars and The Last Airbender and is always super excited to add another toy to his collection(FYI: once ate 6 burgers in a row to collect 6 kung fu panda toys). In his free time he loves to watch movies(fantasy movies with magic ), anime and playing games which are art heavy...... UKW he can be easily bribed with a funko toy..

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